LADAKH NOMADIC FESTIVAL 2024: Date and Venue not confirmed

LADAKH NOMADIC FESTIVAL 2023: 15-16 July 2023 at Hanle

LADAKH NOMADIC FESTIVAL 2022: 20-21 August at Chhibra, Kargyam

LADAKH NOMADIC FESTIVAL: 30-31 August 2021 at Korzok, Tsomoriri

Ladakh Nomadic Festival 2021

Organized by the Ladakh Cultural Academy (Leh), the first ever LADAKH NOMADIC FESTIVAL will be held at Korzok Phoo, Tsomoriri Lake, from 30-31 August 2021.


The aim of the Festival is to showcase the complete nomadic life and culture in its pristine form. An event full of challenges for the organizers and an event against the very nature of nomadic life where they believe in living in isolation rather than living a life all together as most of the human societies do. It would also be a brave attempt to assemble nomads from various nomadic settlements/villages across the Changthang region of Eastern Ladakh.


The main objective behind holding such a mega event in this far off area at Korzok Phoo, Tsomoriri Lake, is to celebrate the challenging Nomadic Life well within their own territory, letting their younger educated nomadic youth realise the beauty and uniqueness of the nomadic culture.


Ladakh Nomadic Festival also aims to celebrate the life and glory of Changpa Heroes like ra-zhees (shepherds), yak-zhees, bar-zhees and lta-zhees, always happy accepting the challenges in their way and dedicating their life for the survival of other sentient beings. This  festival would also have a lasting impression on the future generation inspiring them to adopt their own nomadic life-style, thus contributing towards and preserving the unique nomadic culture of Ladakh. Such initiatives can also be well considered as a pure investment in preserving this rare nomadic culture in the Indian Himalaya.


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Programme of Ladakh Nomadic Festival 2021

Programm of Ladakh Nomadic Festival 2021
Ladakh Nomadic Festival 2021